‌Welcome to the team – if teamwork is your workstyle!

‌The partnership approach to working with our clients has its roots in our teamwork – and this is the key to our success. ‌We are always keen to find committed employees who enjoy working independently, taking responsibility for their own work and who also appreciate synergies within a group. ‌That is why the team ultimately decides who we hire. ‌And this applies to trainees, students, those starting out on their careers and those with professional experience.

‌CPA in action – staying agile as a company.

‌For some companies, ‘agility’ is just another buzzword. For us it is a practised culture. ‌Our customers as well as our ShoeFactory platform, with its changing market challenges, demand the highest standards for continuous optimisation of our software solutions. ‌This means that as a team and a company, we are continually questioning and realigning ourselves. ‌It is a mindset that permeates all areas at CPA, taking the form of more space for new employees, modern workplace design, flexible team workplaces and well-maintained feel-good areas. ‌New employees can expect a company that strives to optimise itself – not only from a client point of view but also as an employer.

‌Your benefits – advance yourself in a team.

‌We would like you to improve professionally with us and in so doing support us in progressing as a company. ‌That is why we cultivate a know-how transfer among all our employees and ensure that each single person gains knowledge through continuous training and further education. ‌And we regard regular dialogue about goals, wishes or status as an important instrument. ‌Above all however, there is the team concept. ‌This is because day-to-day project challenges can only be mastered by a team that works harmoniously. ‌When a team needs to be enlarged, individual members are included in the applicant selection process. ‌Should you ever be part of our team, you will be on first-name terms with the others – this is part of our culture.

‌Vacancies that are ready for your commitment.

‌You like showing commitment, working independently and taking responsibility for your own work as part of a team? ‌Then perhaps we can offer what you are looking for. ‌Should none of the current vacancies match your profile you might be happy to hear that we also welcome speculative applications. ‌After all, from time to time they can come in very handy when we are considering a vacancy. ‌Then you will be the first we contact.

‌Our current vacancies

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Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Sie installieren und administrieren unsere Server (Linux sowie Windows 2012 und höher)
  • Sie sind mitverantwortlich für die Produktiv- und Testsysteme: vom Anlegen der Systeme über tägliches Monitoring bis hin zum Tuning
  • Die Installation und das Betreuen von Netzwerken, Firewalls und VPN gehören außerdem zu Ihren Tätigkeiten

Ihr Profil:

  • Sie verfügen über eine abgeschlossene Informatikausbildung oder eine vergleichbare Qualifikation
  • Sie haben bereits mehrere Jahre in der Betreuung von Linux-Betriebssystemen gearbeitet
  • Sie verfügen über gute Kenntnisse in aktuellen Windows-Server-Betriebssystemen
  • Praktische Erfahrung ist wünschenswert mit
    • Virtualisierung (VMware)
    • Container-Virtualisierung (Docker oder Kubernetes)
    • Automatisierung per Ansible, PowerShell, bash oder Python
  • Konzeptionelles Denkvermögen und gute analytische Fähigkeiten
  • Sehr gutes Deutsch und gutes Englisch in Wort und Schrift

Unser Angebot:

  • Spannende und vielseitige Aufgabengebiete mit kurzen Entscheidungswegen
  • Flache Hierarchien, Eigenverantwortung und persönlicher Gestaltungsspielraum
  • Ein kompetentes, hoch motiviertes und hilfsbereites Team
  • Aktive Mitgestaltung zukünftiger Produkte
  • 30 Tage Urlaub, gleitende Arbeitszeit
  • Kostenlose Getränke, frisches Obst und Gemüse
  • Kantine für den großen Hunger

Please note that the job descriptions are only available in

Please note that the job descriptions are only available in

Please note that the job descriptions are only available in

Please note that the job descriptions are only available in

Please note that the job descriptions are only available in

‌Training at CPA – the future for you and us.

‌Our company focuses on software development and software operation. ‌That is why we train IT specialists (all genders) in application development and system integration. ‌Our trainees find themselves in action from their very first day, as CPA provides full practical coverage of these areas. ‌By doing this, we encourage and challenge you individually because our goal is to train you conscientiously and, in addition, to secure your future with us. ‌So why not let us know your focus?

‌The following texts give a brief description of the training courses, however if you are interested in finding out more, simply contact us.

‌The training goal: ‌object-oriented programming of complex professional solutions. ‌You will learn, for example, how to administrate databases and how application and project management work.

‌The training goal: ‌planning, configuring, installing and administering complex IT systems. ‌This also comprises customer service and support as well as everything you need to know about data centres, networks and client/servers.