Our b2b shop is customised for your brand

Trade more effectively online and offer an emotional shopping experience.

The b2b shop for lifestyle and fashion from the manufacturer for the retailer. 24/7 and worldwide.

cpa.b2bOnline is optimally geared to the needs of manufacturers and retailers trading online. In addition to the standard repeat order function, our b2b shop also offers a pre-ordering option.

As a manufacturer, you can use cpa.b2bOnline to present your new collections in an emotionally appealing way and, thanks to cpa.Mediathek (our multimedia library), create targeted sales incentives. It’s simple and uncomplicated!

Your retailers can expect a favourable ordering process which is ensured by good usability with clear product presentation, filter functions and favourites lists. In addition, the availability of required articles is displayed immediately and in real time – thanks to the b2b shop link to a central ERP system.

An individual look, a clear structure and the best overview for a targeted customer journey – that’s cpa.b2bOnline.
We will happily inform you about the options of cpa.b2bOnline – just contact us.


Your benefits

By using cpa.b2bOnline, all parties involved benefit from optimised and bundled processes, effective performance, visualisation of relevant data and a sophisticated user experience.

For your retailers

For you as a company

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Leading brands and manufacturers use cpa.b2bOnline as an integral part of their business processes.

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