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‌Services from our highly accessible DataCenter – innovative, scalable and reliable.

‌Many businesses still run the majority of their software applications in-house. ‌This requires know-how and resources for secure, stable and economic operation of an IT infrastructure. ‌Besides procuring hardware and software as well as maintaining all these products, you also have to ensure access security to your DP systems, fire protection, data backups, licensing, network management as well as data protection and compliance – to name just a few of the many challenges.

‌Not only does CPA provide the hosting and operation of your software applications, it also offers a wide range of other IT services, all of which are optimally tailored to your needs. ‌These comprise the provision of a server, data backups and monitoring and a complete software service for the ShoeFactory platform, including predictable costs and maximum security for systems and data. Furthermore our servers are located in Germany, which means we comply with strict German and European data protection regulations.

CPA’s DataCenter is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2017. This certification confirms that the CPA reliably implements the requirements for quality, security and information security management in accordance with the international standard (certificate, german version).

‌Our service-oriented and responsive DataCenter team handles all your business needs, so you can focus on your operations while we focus on your IT. ‌

Your employees expect stable and reliable access to systems and applications, no matter when or where they work. ‌ So why not put your IT in safe and trustworthy hands at CPA’s DataCenter!

Leading brands and manufacturers use our services as an integral part of their business processes

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