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Companies still generate high costs resulting from manual processing of orders and invoices, printing and filing of confirmations. As an alternative, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can be used to digitally dispatch orders, dispatch notifications and invoices using a range of transmission paths while processing them automatically. EDI is a convincing option in that it considerably reduces costs and saves significant amounts of time and effort needed for your processes. Besides decreasing error rate and increasing efficiency, it results in strategic advantages for your company.

Unlike traditional transfer channels, EDI transactions are standardised and only take seconds to process. This enables you to react faster and more flexibly and helps ensure a smooth, coordinated business process.

If your current ERP system does not support EDI, you may nevertheless use an EDI solution by outsourcing to us. We will be happy to advise you how you can easily link up EDI to your ERP system using our EDI infrastructure.

Why not simplify your complete business process spanning ordering, shipping through to payment by implementing our EDI solution?

How can an EDI solution from CPA support you?

Every customer or supplier is different – likewise the data format used.

The conversion into different data formats is the core task of an EDI converter – that is what makes EDI possible in the first place. The EDI converter receives standardised data, reworks it automatically into another defined data structure and sends this data to another system. The recipient or source on one side can be your customer or supplier.

On the other, our EDI solutions connect the EDI converter directly to the ERP system, for example your cpa.ShoeFactory or SAP. EDI communication with the customer or supplier takes place in close coordination with the respective business partners via different transmission paths, for example email, AS2, OFTP2 or https.

As XRechnungen (invoices compliant with the German legal e-invoicing standard) is now standard for invoicing the German public sector, we have expanded our EDI converter. As a result, you can also invoice public authorities and public clients and transmit them electronically.

The EDI converter – in a private cloud.

CPA’s EDI converter is operated on our premises in our data centre, meaning the server is located in Germany and the protection of your data is guaranteed in accordance with DSGVO (German Data Protection Act). You also have the option of directly viewing the status of your messages or their content at any time via a web interface.

And should there ever be a problem with the EDI converter, the short distance to CPA’s data centre facilitates fast and uncomplicated communication and solutions.

The team – working for us on site.

Our in-house EDI team has in-depth expertise that enables professional processing with fast response times and good accessibility. CPA staff take on all tasks that arise, such as customer communication, configuring up new EDI customers or suppliers, adapting existing messages to changed data structures, and – needless to say – setting up new data structures and monitoring message statuses. This frees you up to concentrate on what you do best – your business.

Leading brands and manufacturers use our services as an integral part of their business processes

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