Collection development (PLM)

For your collections – from the idea to the finished shoe.

In your role as a shoe manufacturer, you simultaneously develop many new models each season based on current trends. This results in a major challenge for product development, for example to coordinate complex processes across many departments, time zones and countries while under intense time constraints and simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on diverse current model status at any given period.

cpa.ShoeFactory assists you in the development of your collections in an optimal way. For example, you can display data from previous comparative seasons for your analyses. Using this information, you can plan trans-seasonal products, bestseller articles reproduced from earlier seasons and new developments for the coming collection with foresight and in a more targeted manner.
cpa.ShoeFactory’s product lifecycle management (PLM) module provides you with all relevant data and information in a bundled manner from your initial shoe idea to commissioning batch production. Based on this data your product development teams are provided with all the key information at the right time throughout the entire product development process, enabling them to collaborate optimally worldwide and across locations.


Leading brands and manufacturers use cpa.ShoeFactory as an integral part of their business processes.

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