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For tailor-made sales measures

As a shoe manufacturer, you are familiar with the wants and needs of your retail customers when it comes to new models. Furthermore, they expect the best shoes from you at both the right place and right time. cpa.ShoeFactory’s sales functionalities enable you to fulfil the wishes and requirements of shoe buyers and retailers alike. Besides far-sighted sales management, intelligent order fulfilment and the replenishment of dealer stocks using a variety of channels as well as providing advice to dealers is also essential to maintain sustainable customer loyalty. This is helped by information about your dealers together with an overview of their sales figures as well as reliable information, for example on delivery dates and item availability.

cpa.ShoeFactory’s sales module allows you to manage orders in a client-oriented manner so as to react quickly and in a targeted way to changes in the market, to fulfil customer demands flexibly in line with their needs as well as maintain and expand customer relationships in the long term to match your sales goals.


Leading brands and manufacturers use cpa.ShoeFactory as an integral part of their business processes.

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