Warehouse management system

Warehouse management for modern and future-proof processing of your goods.

As a footwear manufacturer, you need the assurance for your warehousing and logistics processes that your production sites are always stocked with material from a production-related warehouse as and when required. You also want an overview of which goods are where by using a goods and inventory tracking system. Having our warehouse management system (WMS) at hand, you have a powerful tool that enables you to navigate and monitor your material and goods flows in a flexible, transparent and efficient manner.

The WMS not only supports you in standard management processes within your warehouses, but also in, for example, the implementation of value-added services, cross-docking and the integration of the latest automation technologies in your warehousing structures. Our WMS provides the best possible scalability for your needs and is therefore suitable for all warehouse types ‒ from small and transparent to large and complex. And you can easily access required ERP data in WMS via a connection to one or more of cpa.ShoeFactory’s ERP systems.

Thanks to decades of experience in the footwear industry, we know how to effortlessly manage merchandise. cpa.ShoeFactory ERP and WMS especially exhibit their true colours when it comes to assortment-managed goods and we are glad to share our knowledge by offering you a whole range of cpa.ShoeFactory products.


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