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Being a footwear manufacturing company, you will be acquainted with the different challenges in your production and supply processes. For example, which material is needed in which plant for the production of required articles and at what time? In addition, where can the produced goods best be packed, temporarily stored or when optimally transported? And, as is life, you will also have experienced how the very best planning is often overcome by reality!

cpa.ShoeFactory’s logistics modules provide flexible and scalable solutions that will allow you to keep an eye on your processes and the whereabouts of your goods at all times. We offer the flexibility you need to master diverse logistical challenges, ranging from periods with high-volume initial orders, to a steady flow of goods enabled by NOS programmes through to small-scale e-commerce. These modules give you the right tools to react quickly throughout your supply chain in all logistical areas at any given time.


Leading brands and manufacturers use cpa.ShoeFactory as an integral part of their business processes.

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