Customer area
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Flexible software for all enterprise areas

Make your day-to-day work easier and optimize your processes. cpa.ShoeFactory provides reliable support, worldwide.

cpa.ShoeFactory is tailored specifically to the requirements of the shoe industry. From footwear for ladies, men and children to performance shoes, accessories and advertising materials, our standard software covers all operational processes relating to this industry. Thanks to its versatility, cpa.ShoeFactory is actually suitable for any industry where sizes and seasonality are important factors. Examples include the textile industry and manufacturers of sports equipment.

Central database

cpa.ShoeFactory is based on a central database from Oracle, the market leader, and has EDI interfaces complying with industry standards. This allows you to conveniently use the software worldwide. Regular updates ensure that you are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Different enterprise areas

You can deploy cpa.ShoeFactory in the following areas of business and beyond:

  • Collection development
    cpa.ShoeFactory has process-oriented programs to assist with designing different models. The software can be linked with a CAD tool and automatically generates item lists, bills of materials and work plans.
  • Production planning and control
    The software handles short and medium-term production planning for you, creates an assortment automatically and makes it easy to collect plant data.
  • Materials management
    Identify your requirement very easily with cpa.ShoeFactory and make the most of automated ordering transactions.
  • Logistics
    The software executes all transport planning and transportation activities, including all flows of goods throughout the company group. It can be connected to established tariff systems.
  • Sales and distribution
    cpa.ShoeFactory includes all sales-related back office processing and control functions. The software is specifically aligned with industry-specific requirements from telephone support through to order processing. All distribution channels and methods are taken into account, be they telephone, fax, travelling sales representatives, B2C or EDI.
  • Inventory
    Storage, picking, delivery: cpa.ShoeFactory assists with the processing of all activities – from the simple to the highly complex – and can be adapted to suit your specific stock organization/warehousing operations and processes.

Interfaces for versatile uses

Untold scope for adjustment within all modules available as standard is something that makes cpa.ShoeFactory extremely flexible. That is what allows the software to be deployed in all kinds of company structures, whatever their size. Standard interfaces with established financial, tariff and HR systems, along with modules for job control and archiving, mean the software can be used in a variety of ways. We are happy to advise you and work with you to find a tailored solution that fits your processes.