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Software suited exactly to your needs

We understand what matters to you. That is why we set the industry standard with our unique cpa.ShoeFactory, cpa.OrderBar and cpa.b2bOnline business software.

Every company has its own special characteristics. That is why our standard products cpa.ShoeFactory, cpa.OrderBar and cpa.b2bOnline are so flexible that we can tailor them precisely to your individual requirements. The modules supplied can be integrated into the existing process landscape in accordance with your specific needs and wishes. We look forward to assisting you.


the shoe industry solution

From developing a collection to planning and controlling production, from materials management through to logistics and on to sales and inventory, cpa.ShoeFactory covers all the key activities within an enterprise. Thanks to central data storage, you are able to access your data worldwide. We adapt the individual modules within our standard software to your specific requirements, which makes the software suitable for a wide range of company structures and sizes.

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mobile order processing for your field sales staff

Sales and distribution activities really can be this easy! Our mobile cpa.OrderBar solution supports your field sales representatives when they are with the customer. They can order items quickly and easily with the help of this software – and keep all data in view.

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your professional online shop

User-friendly, easy to maintain and secure: cpa.b2bOnline is a professional online shop for manufacturers. Retailers are able to conveniently place orders here.

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Our products are, of course, mutually compatible: both cpa.OrderBar and cpa.b2bOnline can be fully integrated into cpa.ShoeFactory with ease.